The following sites seem to be offering great information concerning the topics covered on this site. Though I did not explore them thoroughly and thus cannot guarantee their  accuracy, it will give you food for thought and a basis to start your examination.

7thday Adventism, What you Should Know.

"If you have questions about Seventh-day Adventism, we would like to help you find the answers to your questions."--Source.

Former Adventist Fellowship Online

Excellent site containing numerous studies, testimonies and forum.

Life Assurance Ministries

"Ministering to former members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."--Source.

MacGregor Ministries

"A Christian Outreach to Those Trapped in Cult Groups."--Source.

Truth about Seventh-day Adventism

"If the pillars of our faith will not stand the test of investigation, it is time that we knew it." Ellen White Counsel to Writers and Editors, page 44.

Truth or Fables

"Exposing Seventh-day Adventist Fables. Seventh-day Adventists from their beginning have turned from the "TRUTH", the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles to the "FABLES" of their prophet Ellen G. White."--Source.

What Seventh-day Adventists NEED to know

"No, this is not a 'hate website' directed against Seventh-day Adventists. I simply want to supply some important information that has been 'hidden' for a long time by the church and it's hierarchy, some things that you won't hear in the Doug Batchelor's "Millennium of Prophecy Seminar" or in Dwight Nelson's "NeXt Millennium Seminar"."--Source.

Other valuable sites:


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